Justin Drew Bieber (born March 1, 1994) is a Canadian singer and songwriter. After a talent manager discovered him through his YouTube videos covering songs in 2008 and signed to RBMG, Bieber released his debut EP, My World, in late 2009. It was certified platinum in the U.S. He became the first artist to have seven songs from a debut record chart on the Billboard Hot 100. Bieber released his first full-length studio album, My World 2.0, in 2010. It debuted at or near number one in several countries and was certified triple platinum in the U.S. It was preceded by his most successful single to date, "Baby".

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber's Childhood

On March 1, 1994 Justin Bieber was born in Stratford, Ontario, Canada. At the age of 18 Pattie Mallet gave birth to her first son Justin Bieber, and raised Justin as a single mother. Pattie Mallet named her son Justin Drew Bieber. Sadly, Justin Bieber went through his childhood never knowing his biological father. Justin Bieber became fluent in french, and has said that Algebra was his best subject. Instead of growing up using his right hand like most people do Justin Bieber actually is left handed and writes with his left hand! Justin is also a fan of the popular sport hockey. In fact, before Justin Bieber was an overnight youtube sensation he used occupy some of his free time by playing hockey for the Atlanta Knights. The number on his jersey was 18. At the age of 2 Justin's mother gave him his first musical instrument, a drum kit.

Justin always showed a very strong interest in music, and taught himself to play multiple instruments. He taught himself to play the guitar, drums, and trumpet. Justin received second place in a local talent show competition at the young age of 12 years old! Justin's proud mother Pattie posted videos of him performing on youtube. In the videos Justin was filmed performing covers of Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, and Ne- Yo. Young Justin Bieber became an internet sensation! Justin was spotted by Scooter Braun who flew him out to Atlanta to record demo tapes. Not long after Justin signed a record contract with the non- other than the famous Usher! When Justin Bieber became a famous pop- idol he did not quit school, but rather continued his schooling. Not in a public school. Justin Bieber was homeschooled at the age of 13 until he successfully finished the remainder of the years of school he had left.

Justin Bieber's Non- Stop Career

20 year old artist Justin Bieber is the first artist to have seven songs from a debut album reach the chart on the Billboard Hot 100. Justin Bieber's mother posted videos on youtube of her son performing covers of songs that happened to be seen by former executive of So So Def, Scooter Braun. Impressed with Justin, and Braun tracked him down. Braun arranged for 13 year old Justin to take a flight down to Atlanta Georgia where he recorded demo tapes. Just one week after recording his demo tapes Justin Bieber was signed by non- other than Usher. Soon enough he was also signed by Raymond Braun Media Group. Justin Bieber was also signed by Reid of the Island Def Jam Music in October of 2008. This resulted in a joint venture between R.B.M.G and Island Records. In 2008, Braun officially became the manager of Justin. His three singles "Baby", "Somebody to Love", and "U Smile" from his debut album "My World 2.0" all reached the Billboard Top 100. The album "My World 2.0" was certified two times Platinum by RIAA! On November 17, 2009 the first release of the extended play "My World" was released;and eventually became certified Platinum the U.S.A., U.K, and Canada.

Justin Bieber has also performed Stevie Wonders "Someday at Christmas" at the white house for Christmas in Washington for the President of the United States Barak Obama, and the First Lady Michelle Obama. Justin Bieber has also gotten the exciting chance to perform at the Macy's 2010 4th of July Spectacular in New York City. That same month Justin went on his first headlining tour, "My World Tour". On February 11 the 3- D part- concert, part- biopic film starring none other than Justin Bieber was released. The film was entitled "Justin Bieber: Never Say Never", and was nothing short of a hit with fans all around the world. Later that same year on November 1 his album "Under the Mistletoe" was released. On June 19, 2012 his third album "Believe" was released, and he embarked on his worldwide Believe tour. On October 2,2013 he announced that he would release a new song every Monday for 10 weeks leading up to the film Justin Bieber's Believe which was released December 25, 2013.

Personal Life

Justin Bieber is 5'7 and a Christian who does not believe in abortion. Justin does enjoy playing video games, and he also has a cute dog named Sam. Justin Bieber does not in fact have a United States Citizenship. Regardless, that did not stop him from steeling the hearts of countless female fans. However, his female fans heart broke when Justin started dating actress/singer Selena Gomez. It was not easy for Selena in being Justin Bieber's one and only as she received a lot of negativity from his many fans. This negativity even got as bad as death threats against her after a photograph of Selena and Justin kissing on vacation in 2011 hit twitter. Not every fan was against Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez's relationship yet it is safe to say that the vast majority of them were upset and broken hearted. But, sadly Justin Bieber and Selena ended their relationship in November of 2012.

They have since then tried to rekindle their romance in 2013, but rumors of cheating involving Victoria's Secret Model Barbara Palvin may have caused them to break it off once again in January of 2013. No evidence of Justin and Selena re-uniting has been found, but could it really be over for Selena and Justin? Justin has also had some run-ins with the law. He has been accused of reckless driving in his neighborhood in 2013, and charged in Brazil with vandalism in 2013. On January 23, 2014 Justin was also arrested in Miami Beach, Florida under the suspicion of driving under the influence. He was released on a bond of $2, 500 dollars. His arrest made top news stories, and he has also received some negativity from a picture photographed that depicted him smoking what appeared to be the drug marijuana.


Justin Bieber is an youtube sensation, and his fast growing fame has earned him countless awards. Only 20 years old, Justin Bieber has received a vast amount of awards for being his age. He has been ranked second on the Forbes list of best paid celebrities under the age of 30. An impressive accomplishment for a star his age. He has also been nominated for two grammy awards. Justin has received a Brit award. Justin has also come home with a whopping three NRJ music awards. Justin Bieber has had multiple singles hit the Billboard Top 100 in Canada and in the United States. He has also received eleven Billboard Music Awards! Eleven, yes eleven of the Billboard Music Awards! Justin Bieber has been awarded numerous fan voted awards. America must love Justin Bieber, because he has received not one, not two, not three, not four, but seven American Music Awards so far.

That is not including any he might be receiving in the future years to come. Even more impressive than the seven American Music Awards is his fifteen Teen Choice Awards that he has received. In the years to come Justin might just receive more. Not only is Justin popular in the United States, but he is also very popular in the continent of Europe. Justin Bieber has also received awards all the way from Europe! He has received eight of the MTV Europe Music Awards. Justin Bieber should be proud of the numerous awards in which he has received. Expecially since Justin Bieber has accomplished so much in such a short period of time, and at such a young age. Through- out his career Justin Bieber has collected forty- five impressive awards. Starting from when he was 13 years old Justin has made himself a success in the music industry.


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